My Holiday Gift to You: The Birth of the Dawn

Tis the season, and I for one am ready to celebrate. It’s raining in Northern California and supposedly we might get snow up here in the beautiful mountain that I call home. It’s been years since that happened, but in a year where I managed to write not one, but three novels, the Cubs won the World Series, and Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, I think anything is now possible.

I wanted to give you a gift--so I posted this picture of my cat. However, after some consideration, I felt that perhaps all of you out there on the interwebs deserved something a bit more exciting.

I’ve recently received a few messages from readers asking when the next eHuman novel will be ready. Again, I apologize for the delay, I got caught in Egypt 200 B.C. for about fourteen months, but work has begun on the eHuman Deliverance and I hope to get it out soon. One of my readers suggested that until I release the last book, I should consider sharing short eHuman stories. I love that idea and after thinking about it, I decided that for this holiday season, that’s exactly what I’ll do—give you the gift of Dawn.

Thus, I’ve posted a short story on Medium, originally published in Visions of the Future, a book by the Lifeboat Foundation.  It is titled, “The Birth of the Dawn” and is the backstory to her original Jump into an eHuman body. I wrote it years ago, then modified it for Visions of the Future and then modified it yet again for you.

Consider it my Holiday gift for those who have taken an interest. Whether you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Medium, are a regular on my Blog, have read the eHuman novels, or are just friends who follow me to help me out, every reader brings my writer’s life meaning. Like the dancer who makes the musician’s notes visual, readers make the characters in my head come to life. I appreciate you always and every day.

And I hope to bring you not just eHuman Deliverance in 2017, but also many more novels to come. In the meantime, here’s the link to, The Birth of the Dawn.”

I hope you enjoy it.


starrdusk said...

I'm so glad that I know that in the books Dawn retrieves her lost memory. I really hope they work on this in future in dealing with those whose memories begin to return in part. Just a part of the memory with out the whole can make on crazy or feel empty, knowing there is something vital there and not being able to capture it... it is heartbreaking, as you portray in your first book. ThnX

Nicole Sallak Anderson said...

You're very welcome! I'm so glad you caught onto that, for their loss of memory is key to their pain and emptiness. Yes, they're about to recover everything and now their pain is remembering what they'd set out to do, and how far they are from what they desired. That's the irony of it all, isn't it?

starrdusk said...

I just found your comment in my email. Thanx for your response. V